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We are located in Yekaterinburg, but this does not interfere with working with customers from other cities and regions of Russia. Based on our experience, we have optimized the approach to remote work. We made it as convenient as possible for the customer, and no less effective. It doesn't matter what city you are in, modern means of communication (e – mail, WhatsApp, Skype) allow you to reduce distances, your time and costs.

In short, the remote work process looks like this:

  • At the preparatory stage, we will send you a technical assignment questionnaire and a special memo, according to which you will have a complete idea of how to measure the premises. We are waiting for you filled in TK, a photo of the room and its measurement.
  • Then we look through all the information, and if we have any questions, we ask for additional measurements of any areas or photos.
  • We conclude an official contract with you. We send the originals of the documents to you by registered mail.
  • After signing the contract and agreeing on the payment schedule, we proceed to create a design project. All stages of the project are described here. All approvals, consultations, etc. will take place by e-mail, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype.
  • At the end of the project - we exchange closing documents with you for design work.
  • We support all remote projects remotely until the end of their implementation.
  • If you wish, it is possible to interact with business trips to your city.
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